An Abstract Copper Statue Is Perfect In The Entranceway

I moved into a new apartment recently and the most exciting part has been doing the décor of the place and enjoying having some stunning pieces all throughout my home. We have been putting up string lights, wall décor, and finding some pretty accents to put here and there so that we can enjoy the most beautiful space.

Creating a fabulous entranceway has been easy with some awesome copper décor. We found the perfect copper statue to put there as we have been working on creating an entranceway that instantly greets you with a warm and cozy feeling. We got an end table for the entranceway that is the perfect place to put the statue on.

The abstract copper statue that we got features a cool heart design and it is a stand-out pieces that pulls together the whole look of the front door area of our home. We love that the statue has a modern look to it, which goes well with the modern style of the apartment like the modern lights and appliances. The copper statue has a glossy finish and is an awesome find overall. It is nice to have it as a grand centerpiece so that we don’t have to buy many small accents to complete the space.